Transforming Beyond Inclusion

Created by diversity, equity, and inclusion educators Idella Glenn, Theresa Pizzuto and Beverly Williams, our organization seeks to empower individuals and organizations to maximize their potential and make meaningful connections across difference.  Our focus is to provide coaching, training, and resources that  inspire momentum in transforming beyond inclusion.

Coaching & Consulting

Learn how to create and implement organization-wide change to Transform Beyond Inclusion, with our customized coaching and consulting no matter where your organization is on it’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion path.

Education & Professional Development

Equip yourself, your team, your Board, and leaders with the skills to be more equitable and Transform Beyond Inclusion in your organization with interactive sessions and virtual learning experiences.

Intensive Learning & Immersive Experiences

Take your learning to a deeper level with our Transform Beyond Inclusion immersion experiences. Opportunities include affinity support groups, as well as deeper experiences, ranging from one to multi-day options.


Utilize our innovative and creative Transform Beyond Inclusion learning products to assist your personal and organizational change efforts.

Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion work recognizes that being “inclusive”  comes from a dominant lens which asks “who isn’t included?” and “how can we include them in our way of doing things?”.  Transforming beyond inclusion asks individuals and organizations to think beyond current systems to look at how we create communities where everyone contributes and feels they are valued, and respected.

So we’re asking, what if we step outside that system? What does it look like, feel like, and how do we create it together?