If you or your organization is new to diversity, equity & inclusion or you are looking to strengthen your DEI culture, our partners are available to support you.  With over 90 collective years of experience in DEI work, we provide services that meet your current needs.  Our strengths as educators, facilitators, coaches, consultants and event organizers will enable you to move forward in your DEI goals.

Virtual services are our specialty

We are experienced with providing our coaching, training and other services in a virtual environment. We find that our work translates very well to an online platform, and for some participants, provides an even more enriching experience. In today‚Äôs world a virtual approach is  more accessible and cost-effective, allowing greater participation by everyone in your organization.

We are also available for in-person work (health conditions permitting).

Education & Professional Development

Our training programs are grounded in experience and enable participants to move beyond intellectual understanding to personal connection and emotional engagement that leads to individual and collective actions for change.

Our development opportunities include:

  • Customized virtual workshops
  • Virtual workshop series
  • Pre-designed virtual workshops
  • National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) Training
  • Customized virtual retreats

Virtual Coaching & Consulting

We work closely with individuals or small groups in your organization to find common-sense solutions to increase diversity, equity & inclusion. We help to empower you to take on and sustain the challenging and exciting work of transformation.

Our coaching & consulting opportunities include:

  • Leaders, Teams, Boards, Organizations (Nonprofit, Higher Ed, Churches, Community)
  • Transforming Beyond Inclusion (TBI) Leadership Skills
  • Creating equitable relationships & environments
  • Conflict/Mediation related to DEI issues

Intensive Learning & Immersive Experiences

The work of transforming beyond inclusion is ongoing and requires consistent commitment to learning and self-transformation.  Intensive learning and immersive experiences provide an opportunity for deeper learning and connection, emotional healing, support and understanding through small group interactions.

Our intensive learning & immersive experiences include:

  • Virtual Support/ Affinity Groups
  • Intensive learning groups, focused on topics tailored to your needs
  • Immersive learning experiences (coming in the future)